Heavy Duty Dual Layer MERGE Microsoft Lumia 950 Case

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The TUDIA Ultra Slim MERGE for Microsoft Lumia 950 is a premium dual layer cover that provides optimal protection from the scratches and scuffs of daily use without adding bulk and distorting the sleek design of your phone model. This long-lasting, durable case is made with a mixture of top grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate materials. With openings for all buttons and connectors, the TUDIA Ultra Slim MERGE preserves the angles and original design of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and still allows the device to be fully functional when equipped with this cover. The TUDIA Ultra Slim MERGE provides superior protection utilizing a shock absorbing TPU and a scratch resistant exterior shield, keeping your Microsoft Lumia 950 looking as good as new.


  • Dual layer design fuses a premium quality polycarbonate outer layer with an enhanced Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) rubberized gel skin to offer slim, lightweight and form-fitted protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950
  • Fits Microsoft Lumia 950 measuring 145 x 73.2 x 8.2 mm (5.71 x 2.88 x 0.32 in)
  • Fits Model #: RM-1104_15639 RM-1104_15526 RM-1104_15448 RM-1104_15442 RM-1104_15430 RM-1104_15410 RM-1104_15400 RM-1104_15322 RM-1104_15259 RM-1104_15251 RM-1104_15250 RM-1104_15242 RM-1104_15240 RM-1104_15218 RM-1104_15175 RM-1104_15172 RM-1104_14046 RM-1104_13992 RM-1104_13976RM-1104_13956 RM-1104_13948 RM-1104_13869 RM-1104_13842 RM-1104_13785 RM-1104_13751 RM-1104_13750 RM-1104_13749 RM-1104_13748 RM-1104_13746 RM-1104_13745 RM-1104_13744 RM-1104_13743 RM-1104_12745 RM-1104_12744 RM-1104_12711 RM-1104_12707 RM-1104_12597 RM-1104_11204
  • Snap on design allows for easy installation and multiple colors are available to match your personal style.
  • Features raised edges to protect the display screen from scratches when the device is placed face down and a lip that allows compatibility with most screen protectors
  • Utilizing two layers, this cover incorporates the top safety advantages of both a hard and soft case. The soft inner TPU absorbs and disperses the shock of most drops encountered in daily use. On the exterior, the durable polycarbonate shield protects against scratches and still maintains the smooth and sleek feel of your device
  • Precision-Cut cutouts perfectly align with all buttons, controls, and ports. Allows easy access to the camera, speakers, microphone, and charging port without having to remove the case