Save on Your Energy Bill!

By using COUS you are able to git rid of wasteful standby power and reduce your energy usage! You can save up to 15% on your electric bills monthly.

Make Life Easier

No more having to fumble around trying to find the light switch or outlet. No more having to get out of bed to turn the lights off. Click, off. COUS makes life a little bit easier for you.

Small Size and 100 Ft. Range

Tudia COUS is the smallest and the thinest Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch on the matket. Its small size makes it more discrete and you are still able to use both outlets!

It's string signal makes it possible for Tudia COUS to work through doors and walls while not interfering with other signals and electronics. Can work as far as 100 ft.

Benefits of COUS


Power input: 120V/60Hz

Power output: 1200W/10A (max)

Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz

Remote transmitter batter: DC 12V(23A) 1pc

Power consumption: 0.6w