OnePlus 11 Case MergeGrip Heavy Duty DualShield

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OnePlus 11 case specifications:

  • OnePlus 11 Case compatible with OnePlus 11 5G (2023) Only
  • Certified military-grade protection and ToughRhino Technology for dual-layer protection against drops and scratches
  • Protects your camera and screen with raised lip and edges
  • Non-slip duel-shield textured design on both sides and back provides additional grip while holding your phone
  • Tactile and clicky buttons designed for stress-free usage which makes heavy-duty case 


Note: OnePlus 11 phone case is only compatible with OnePlus 11 5G (2023)

The OnePlus 11 case is the most challenging case available. It provides up to three times the drop protection of the ordinary case. It provides uncompromising safety for your phone. This OnePlus 11 case is designed for our OnePlus 11 5G only which is measuring about 163.1 x 74.1 x 8.5 mm (6.42 x 2.92 x 0.33 inch).  OnePlus 11 case has a merge grip facility that gives the user a strong hand to hold the OnePlus 11 phone and not slip it from the hand. For this reason, the user can effortlessly hold the OnePlus11 phones with the support of our merge grip case. 

Also, the ToughRhinos technology which is used for dual protection and not to create any scratches on the phone. It has also successfully implemented in our OnePlus 11 cases so that the OnePlus 11 phones will be much more compatible to absorb the push, pull, or any kind of shock, and that makes a heavy-duty case. For these reasons, it will help OnePlus 11 phones to be protected from those external effects. 

Moreover, because of its raised lips and edges, this dual shield case keeps the screen of the OnePlus 11 phone as well as the cameras from any kind of scratches. In addition, the highly sleek mode of the OnePlus 11 case makes the users more comfortable using the buttons of the OnePlus 11 phones according to their necessity. 

Besides, for the use of anti-slip texturing of this OnePlus 11 case, it gives a good feel to our fellow customer's extra confidence to use the OnePlus 11 phone more safely than before. Not only these facilities but also its drop resistance, clicky buttons, and precise cutout gives our users an elegant comfort-ness to use these OnePlus 11 cases more confidently and with high longevity.  

However, we have five different colors, for instance, Grey, indigo blue, Smokey Pink, Matte Black, Pine green which makes a variety of choices for the customers to choose their products for their OnePlus 11 phone.  

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