Google Pixel 6 Pro Case Merge Heavy Duty Dual Layer

  • $20.99 Regular price


  • Google Pixel 6 pro phone case is compatible with Google pixel 6 pro only.
  • ToughRhino Technology provides two-layer protection against drops and scratches and is certified military-grade.
  • Raised lips and borders shield your camera and screen from damage.
  • Non-slip rough ridges on both sides give grip and comfort when holding your phone.
  • Buttons are compact and easily clickable for stress-free operation.



The Google Pixel 6 Pro phone case is the most robust cover. Its drop resistance is up to three times that of normal housing. It guarantees that your phone is entirely safe. The case is exclusive to the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Because of the military-grade protection and ToughRhino Technology, this Google Pixel 6 pro case is the finest alternative for your phone. The two-layer protection allows you to secure your phone without being harmed. This Google Pixel 6 pro phone case is also designed to absorb impact, allowing your Google Pixel 6 pro cases to survive crashes while staying intact. The product is also aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, standing out while remaining clean and professional.

The case for pixel 6 pro is a textured, long-lasting cover that protects the back and sides of your Google Pixel 6 Pro phones while maintaining their sleek and attractive appearance. The case's raised lip and sides give enough protection for your camera and screen, and the textured feel makes it easy to grip and use.

The Google Pixel 6 pro heavy duty phone cases are made of high-quality polycarbonate and PU leather to protect your phone from scratches, bumps, dents, and scuffs. In addition, the case incorporates a rough ridge on both sides for improved grip and comfort when holding your phone. The case for pixel 6 pro is available in five different colors: Matte Black, Rose Gold, Indigo Blue, Hunter Green, and Metallic Slate.

The Pixel 6 pro heavy duty phone cases provide military-grade drop protection. The dual-layer phone case for Google Pixel 6 Pro is made of a sturdy frame and a flexible shock-absorbing silicone covering to protect your phone. Furthermore, the buttons are compact and simple to press, allowing for stress-free usage.