Apple Show Time Event: What Did You Miss?

Apple Show Time Event: What Did You Miss?

Yesterday, Apple held their Show Time even from the Steve Jobs theater in California. If you were hoping for more information on Airpower or Airpods 2, you’ll have to wait a bit longer as this event was focused solely on the many upcoming services Apple will soon be supporting. Here’s a brief breakdown of all the services announced yesterday:


1. Apple News Plus: An upgrade to the already implemented Apple News, Apple News Plus will add a wide variety of magazines and newspaper articles to their news library, emphasizing the importance of good journalism and its impact on our culture. Apple News Plus will be available Fall of 2019.


2. Apple Card: Following the success of Apple Wallet, Apple Card is Apple’s take on the credit card. The card does not feature any sort of CVV, card number, or signature to protect against identity theft, which are all available on the Apple Wallet app if needed. Apple made sure to stress throughout the event (and in this segment in particular) the importance of security for its users, ensuring that the Apple Card is the most secure way to use a credit card on the web. In addition, Apple stated that this card will have no fees or hidden charges. Apple Card will be available Summer of 2019.


3. Apple Arcade: A new game service that will be added as an extension to the app store, Apple Arcade promises to host a wide variety of premium games that will not be available anywhere else. The service requires a monthly payment (yet to be released) and will allow users to simply browse and select any game of their choosing, able to play on their phones, tablet, or computers and switch between them at any point. Apple Arcade will be available Fall of 2019.


4. Apple TV Plus: The biggest of the services announced, Apple TV Plus is Apple’s attempt to compete with other TV and movie streaming services like Netflix. The service will provide new shows from some big names, as Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams and Sarah Bareilles, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, and more all made an appearance to announce their new projects hosted by the service. In addition, Apple TV Plus will provide the option to pay for individual popular channels such as HBO, Showtime, or sports channels without paying for a bundle package, allowing for a more customized experience. Similar to the other streaming services, no price was announced for Apple TV Plus during the event.

This is just a brief rundown of the services Apple announced- stay tuned for any updates on these services or new developments!

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