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Founded in April 2013 within Minnesota’s Twin Cities, TUDIA designs and manufactures on trend electronic accessories including charging cables, cable protectors, and cellphone cases for the latest smartphones. TUDIA’s products make a bold statement with our original designs that synthesize both simplicity and innovation.

TUDIA first broke into the electronic accessory marketplace with our signature TUDIA Ultra Slim Melody design, first available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. From there, TUDIA has only grown; TUDIA now offers protective cases for over 25 of the top mobile phone models currently on the market. TUDIA has even expanded beyond cellphone cases and now offers TUDIA brand EVA hard travel cases, remote controlled outlets, and more!

Always up to date with the latest technology, TUDIA is consistently at the forefront in the field of electronic accessories; we are often the first to develop accessories for phone models, and we have products on market faster than many other brands. TUDIA hopes to only experience further growth and begin offering a wide variety of small portable electronic accessories and hardware. No matter what, we continually strive to pursue the cutting-edge of consumer electronics.


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