OnePlus 10 Pro Case MERGE Heavy Duty Dual Layer

  • $19.99 Regular price


  • The onePlus 10 pro case is compatible with the OnePlus 10 pro only.
  • ToughRhino Technology provides two-layer protection against drops and scratches and is certified military grade.
  • Raised lips and borders shield your camera and screen from damage.
  • Non-slip rough ridges on both sides give grip and comfort when holding your phone.
  • Buttons are compact and easily clickable for stress-free operation.



This OnePlus 10 pro case is designed and made to fit the OnePlus 10 pro. It is built with soft TPU ribs with a PC back cover and will protect your OnePlus 10 pro from all your bumps and bruises. This OnePlus 10 pro phone case also comes with a gentle touch, which will never be too hot or cold for your hands.

Your phone deserves the protection of certified military-grade safety, and tough rhino offers just that. The oneplus 10 pro phone case is made of tough, flexible and durable thermoplastic polyurethane and TPE materials, which are resistant to damage from drops, shocks, bumps, and scratches. In addition, the dual layer design of the oneplus case is ideal for a wide range of activities, whether you're at the office or on your way to a workout.

Oneplus 10 pro case provides total protection for your device. In addition, the oneplus case has raised lip and edge to protect your camera and screen from accidental drops and falls.

This OnePlus phone Case is a top-notch protective case compatible with your OnePlus 10 Pro. Its sleek profile adds no extra weight or thickness and fits in your pocket or purse with ease. It is also labelled with a thin, extra-long clip that holds your smartphone in place and prevents it from slipping out of your pocket or off your desk without effort.

The oneplus phone case is a sleek and luxurious case that offers easy access to all buttons and ports without compromising the sleek and glossy design of the phone. The heavy duty phone cases are made from premium quality PU leather to ensure a long-lasting, elegant finish that will take a beating while still looking new. In addition, the heavy duty phone cases are designed to be slim and easily clickable, giving you a stress-free usage experience.