Five Uses for the TUDIA Merge Besides a Phone Case

Five Uses for the TUDIA Merge Besides a Phone Case


 We all know what the TUDIA Merge is- a dual layered, heavy duty, military grade drop protection phone case. We post about it all the time. But did you know that the TUDIA Merge can be used for other things as well? We made this list to prove it to you- check it out!




Picture this. It’s the perfect day out- low 70s, no humidity, blue skies with just a patch of clouds partially covering the sun for the perfect shade. There’s a slight breeze, not enough to be a nuisance, but just enough to give you that refreshing rush of summer air. “What a perfect day to rock the scoober!” You say out loud to your friends. Their faces light up with excitement- what a great idea! You joyfully prance over to your car, popping the trunk with anticipation.

But oh, what’s this?

Your old roommate borrowed your frisbee 2 years ago and never gave it back.

You kick your head back in frustration- if only you had that flying disc at this moment! This perfect day is going to waste, all because Frank needed your Wham-O for a frat party in 2017. All your friends are depending on you- and you let them down. Summer is ruined, and it's all your fault.

Or is it?

Lucky for you, you bought a TUDIA Merge case, the perfect impromptu frisbee. The lightweight TPU easily carries through the skies, while the hard-shell casing ensures it keeps its shape. You quickly take your phone out of its protective casing and whip your Merge through the air at your friends, smoother than your old frisbee ever could. Your friends let out a cheer and start chanting your name. Summer is saved- all because of your TUDIA Merge case.



Look, we’ve all been there. Your partner comes up to you on a Saturday morning, super flustered. “Didn't I ask you to put up that picture of dear Aunt Agnes last week?” Your eyes widen as you shoot up from your lazy recliner- how could you have forgotten? Quickly, you get up, hopping to the garage and opening the toolbox. Nothing a hammer and nail can’t solve, right? You unlatch the lid to your toolbox, expected to be greeted by your trusty mallet.

Instead, you are greeted by nothing but sadness. The toolbox is empty.

Your head hangs down in disappointment, remembering how your roommate needed to borrow your tools back in 2015 and never gave them back. You groan as you shut the toolbox with a slam- poor, sweet Aunt Agnes will never get her spot on the wall, all because Frank needed your hammer for his unsuccessful construction business. You know your partner is sitting inside, waiting for you to return with great news. You sigh, knowing there isn’t any. All hope is lost.

Or is it?

Your eyes gaze over towards your heavy-duty, military grade drop protection TUDIA Merge case. The molded TPU provides a comfortable grip, while the hard outer-shell would make the perfect alternative for a hammer. You leap with joy- it’s almost too perfect! You grab your nails, run inside, and began slamming away. The nail knocks into the wall with ease. Your partner bursts forward at the sound of the hammering with their arms in the air, tears of joy streaming down their face. You hang the photo on the wall. You’ve done it. Aunt Agnes has been saved, all because of your quick thinking and TUDIA Merge case.


 Ice Cream Bowl

It’s a sweltering, hot day. The cicadas are buzzing in the heat as the sun beats down on your neck, not a single cloud to be seen on the horizon. Only one thing could turn this hot day into something great- ice cream. You walk down the road to the local ice cream place, the hot pavement slowly warming the soles of your sandals with each step. You walk into the shop, greeted by smiling faces and the cool breeze of the air conditioning. Without thinking, you order a cone, happily skipping your way out the doors before you realize your folly- a cone won’t survive this heat! Your ice cream begins to melt, the drips threatening to cover your hand within minutes unless you do something drastic. You look around in a panic- no extra bowls laying around anywhere! You look at your drooping cone with a sad frown, admitting defeat. The heat has beaten you and your delicious ice cream.

Or has it?

Your eyes switch to your TUDIA Merge case, noticing the lip of protection rising over your phone’s screen. Could it be? You quickly take your phone out of the case and scoop your ice cream into the makeshift bowl. Careful to avoid the precision cutouts, your delicious dessert plops in place with ease. Your hand is safe from the melting time bomb, and your vanilla triple scoop has never looked more delicious. Yet again, the day is saved- all thanks to the raised edges of the TUDIA Merge case.



 Knee Pads

Winter has finally ended, and spring has sprung. You’ve sat in your house for the last several months, moping as you stared out of your front window longingly. You live for one thing, and one thing only- the skateboard. After weeks upon weeks of cold, miserable weather, the streets are calling your name. You run outside and grab your board, greeted by the mild weather, the blue sky, and the chirping of birds.

“Not so fast!” Yells your mother. You stop dead in your tracks. What could she possibly want that’s more important than the skate?! She points to your knees, noticing a distinct lack of knee pads. Without pads, you can never board again. You sulk, remembering that your best friend Frank borrowed your knee pads in the 6th grade for his science project, never to be seen again. Looks like it’s time for a new hobby.

Or is it?

The wind blows gently, almost as if whispering to you- “TUDIA Merge.” Your eyes widen with sudden realization- of course! Why hadn’t you thought of it before?! You rush inside, grabbing scotch tape and your two TUDIA Merge cases. The hard outer-layer is military grade drop protection guaranteed- perfect for kneecap protection. Before you know it, your knees are protected better than they ever were before. You turn your baseball cap backwards and snap your sunglasses on as you drop your board down on the pavement. Your mother looks up in awe as you kick-flip over her, realizing how cool her child is. Your hobby- and your knees- are saved, all thanks to the TUDIA Merge.


 Spider Cleaner

You are enjoying your Tuesday evening as you always do- reading the funnies after a meal of rice and jam. You belly laugh at the antics of Marmaduke the oversized dog- how can a dog be so big? Your eyes water with laughter at the premise. As you wipe the tear from your eye, you see something wiggling near you- a spider. Your tears of joy quickly become tears of sadness as you jump up in terror. How did that spider get in here?! Never mind that, how will you get it out?! You could try and smash it with your slippers, but then your whole Tuesday evening is ruined AND you have to clean up spider guts. And you wouldn’t dare roll up your newspaper to get the job done- you haven’t even read the funny talking orange cat cartoon yet. You give a defeated sigh- this eight legged beast has ruined your Tuesday ritual.

Or has it?

As you pull out your phone to call the police for help, you notice your TUDIA Merge case- lightweight enough to move through the air with finesse, but firm enough to retain its shape with ease. With a stroke of genius, you pull out your spare Merge case, now armed and ready to deal with this spidery menace. With a quick snap and burst of courage, you capture the spider between the two cases, preventing any sort of messy clean up on your table OR you phone cases. You easily bring the arachnid back to where it belongs- straight in the garbage. You sit back down and pull out the funnies again, resuming your belly laughter at the unfortunate bald child and his small, white dog. Tuesday is saved, all thanks to your TUDIA Merge case.

What other uses are there for the TUDIA Merge? Let us know and we'll put it to the test!





*Disclaimer our Lawyers Made Us Put: Although we encourage the creative use of TUDIA Cases in all facets of life, please be aware that you are doing so at your own risk. We cannot actually guarantee the safety of your kneecaps or the food safe quality of TUDIA Products. TUDIA Cases are designed only to be an awesome protective phone cover first and foremost.


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