About Those OnePlus 8 Cases...

About Those OnePlus 8 Cases...

Well, nobody's perfect.

Here at TUDIA, we strive to to get it right- and when we don't get it right, we want to fix it. Recently, you may have noticed that the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro MERGE cases have had some issues- we want to clear them up with you and be fully transparent, so that you know you can put your trust in every product we put out.

So, let's start with the OnePlus 8 Pro- You might have noticed a few weird things about the OnePlus 8; specifically, the camera cutout looks WAY too low, with the OnePlus logo poking halfway through the opening.

Obviously, this isn't right, and isn't up to the standards people have come to expect with TUDIA products. The reality is, our original render for the OnePlus 8 Pro had an error in it, having a light underneath the cameras like the OnePlus 8 does:

You might see a lot of other cases having the same error- unfortunately, we found out about the mistake after the first batch of cases was sent out. This was a mistake on our part, and we have since made a new model that has the correct dimensions for the OnePlus 8 Pro camera cutout. If you have purchased the original defective model, contact us at support@tudiaproducts.com- we'll get you a new, correct replacement at no cost.

Now, for the OnePlus 8.

If you have purchased the OnePlus 8 from the OnePlus website or T-mobile- great! Enjoy your military grade drop protection! However, if you purchased your model from Verizon, you might have noticed that the case is a little... off. The Verizon edition of the OnePlus 8 has very, very slight differences in its button layouts, so sleight that we weren't even aware of it! Once we started getting reports of cases not fitting like they should, we knew something was wrong. 

After we found out the differences in the Verizon and Oneplus/T-Mobile models, we went right to work to make sure every OnePlus 8 has the military grade drop protection you've come to expect from TUDIA. While the cases haven't come in yet, they are indeed on the way! You can pre-order them at https://tudiaproducts.com/products/pre-order-heavy-duty-dual-layer-merge-for-verizon-oneplus-8-5g-uw. As always, if you ordered a previous model that didn't fit, send us an email at support@tudiaproducts.com and we'll get that all sorted out for you!

We are working hard to continue bringing you the protection and service that you have come to expect- thank you for choosing us to protect your devices!

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