Samsung Unpacked 2019- What to Know!

Samsung Unpacked 2019- What to Know!

Samsung held their Unpacked event in San Francisco, California yesterday. After teasing the folding Samsung Galaxy Fold at their previous keynote and a slew of rumors and leaks involving the Galaxy S10, many were looking forward to the new flagship phone models the company would be showing off. Here’s a brief rundown of the phones and what was shown, as well as details about their release!


Samsung Galaxy Fold:

Release Date: April 29th, 2019

Price: $1980 USD

The Galaxy Fold was the first and arguably most exciting thing shown at Samsung Unpacked. A smartphone and a tablet, this phone boasts seamless transitions between a folded 4.6 inch display and an impressive 7.3 inch unfolded screen. The phone features a unique, complex hinge that makes the switch between phone and tablet seem easy and fast, making it almost impossible to identify the 2 halves that divide the phone. Each of these halves also contain a separate battery, combining into one powerful 4300 mAh charge. There will be plenty of opportunities for pictures with the Galaxy Fold as well- the phone features six cameras (three on the back, two on the inside, and one in the front) that allow for photos to be taken in any of the positions it might be folded into.



The Galaxy Fold is also loaded with tons of new features, designed for the unique folding screens. To begin, Samsung announced their new “App Continuity” system, which allows apps to easily switch between the folded and full display without any loading, stops, or closing. In addition, the phone features “3 app multitasking,” allowing the user to open 3 separate apps at the same time- including text, video, or internet browsing. This is enabled by a monstrous 12 gigabytes of RAM, blurring the line between smartphone and tablet. Samsung also stated that owners of this luxury device would enjoy YouTube premium on release.


We can expect to hear more about the Samsung Galaxy Fold as we get closer to the launch date of April 26th, 2019.  


Samsung Galaxy S10:

Release Date: March 8th, 2019

Price: $749.99-$999.99 USD

The Samsung Unpacked also showcased the new Galaxy S10, nicknamed the “Next Generation Smartphone.” Three models were introduced: the S10e ($749.99), S10 ($899.99), and the S10+($999.99). While these models differ in varying degrees of storage, display size, and RAM, they still have many of the same new features. To begin, Samsung has continued their trend of refusing to make a phone with a camera notch, instead opting to use an “infinity o display,” which features a laser-cut hole on the front screen that perfectly fits the camera. This means the camera will still be an obstruction that prevents the full use of the screen, but has been made as small as possible and allows the screen to still be used above and below the cut-out. The screen will also continue to support HDR10+ support, continuing to make Samsung displays some of the best on the market. What’s more, the S10 cameras will also support HDR10+ photo and video, making photos just as clear as the display. The S10 has 4 cameras, the standard 10 mp front-facing camera, as well as three back cameras: a 12 mp wide angle, 12 mp zoom, and a new 16 mp ultra wide that allows for high-definition panoramas.


There are tons of new features for these cameras as well. Samsung announced a partnership with Adobe, who have created an optimized Premiere Rush editing app that will come pre-installed on the phone. This means users will be able to edit and color correct any photos or videos that they take right on the phone without uploading them to an external editing software on a computer. The cameras also have a built-in Instagram function, allowing photos to be taken, edited, and published directly from the camera to an Instagram account.


Other features announced include power share for wireless charging on other devices, an optimized 3400 mAh battery, and an ultra-sonic fingerprint scanner built directly into the screen. While we’ve seen in-display finer scanners on devices like the OnePus 6T, this scanner definitely set itself apart. There wasn’t much of a delay, if any, between the placement of the thumb on the screen and the unlocking of the display. Of course, we will have to wait to test the actual effectiveness of this feature once the phone actually releases on March 8th, 2019.



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