Upcoming Summer Products to Look Forward To!

Upcoming Summer Products to Look Forward To!

We've got a few new cases coming your way this summer, and not just for phones- read more below to find out what new products will be getting drop protection in the near future!


Moto Z4:

Ok, this one is technically cheating. This case is available RIGHT NOW! The Merge for the Motorolla Z4 just arrived in stock and is ready to ship out today. If you’re looking to protect your modular device with top-of-the-line military gradeprotection, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Blu G9:

The Blu G9 released last month, with tons of upsides. High performance for an extremely affordable price, this phone has only one major downside- barely any quality cases that offer any protection. Luckily, this summer, that’s all about to change. Like the Motorola Z4, we’re bringing the Merge to Blu G9 within the coming month, so you’ll be able to bring your phone with you on all your summer adventures without worrying about any bumps or drops!


Nintendo Switch EVA Case:

Look. We make cases for mobile devices. The Switch is a mobile gaming console. This one was a no-brainer. Our EVA series is known for bringing heavy-duty drop protection to more fragile portable devices, so you’ll be able to move your Switch anywhere without worrying about an accidental drop. What’s more, this case makes a great storage unit, being able to neatly store the console, Joy-Cons, charging stand, games, and controller all in one spot, custom molded to ensure it feats neatly and comfortably.

We’ll also be providing a smaller case designed just for the screen, Joy-cons, and games, in case you don’t want to pack everything up. Whether you’re taking it to a local Smash tournament, going on a long road trip, or storing it away at home, the Switch EVA case is the perfect fit for any Switch!


VR EVA Cases:


VR is growing in popularity, and leaving expensive VR goggles sitting around runs a lot of risk of accidental damage from bumps or drops. Like phones, having a case to protect your investment is an easy way to prevent future disaster. That’s why we’re bringing our EVA cases to TWO different VR headsets this summer- the Samsung Gear with Controller & the Oculus Go! These two headsets both provide quick and easy connection to the world of virtual reality, and now both will have the same drop-and-splash resistance our EVA series is known for! Feel confident after watching a movie in VR that your system is safe inside of a TUDIA case.

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