Which TCL Phone Do I Have??

Which TCL Phone Do I Have??

So, you got a TCL phone- congratulations! Which one did you get?


Oh, you don’t know?


It’s ok, it’s not really your fault. The TCL phone series all look extremely similar, and almost have identical names! What’s worse, each model has different dimensions, meaning you’ll have to order the exact model in order to get proper protection. But getting a case shouldn’t be a research project- so we went ahead and did that part for you!


TCL 10 Pro

This one is easy. Does your phone have a finger print sensor on the back? No? Congratulations, you have a TCL 10 Pro! The Pro has a fingerprint sensor built inside the touch screen, the only TCL phone to have that feature. Enjoy ending your reading assignment early, go get your case!


TCL 10L/TCL 10 Lite

The TCL 10 Lite, despite having “Lite” in the name, is actually the largest of the three phones on this list. I know, it’s dumb. The TCL 10L’s most obvious and distinguishing feature is the fingerprint sensor on the back.



This is the easiest way to distinguish the 10L from the Pro; however, the OTHER phone on this list, the Plex, also has a fingerprint sensor. Both have the same dimensions, so you don't need to sweat over it too much. Still not sure if this is what you have? Keep reading!



TCL Plex

The Plex is very similar to the Lite. As stated above, a case for the Lite will ALSO fit the Plex- so really, you could really stop reading, go get your case, and move on with your life if you wanted. But you’re here now, so you might as well learn how to distinguish the Plex from the other models, right? Unlike the other TCL phones, the Plex has a different camera setup, utilizing only 3 cameras as opposed to 4.



That’s pretty much it. You are now a certified TCL phone model expert. Here’s your diploma!


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