TUDIA Klip Cable Protector Compatible With MagSafe 2 (4pcs Combo)

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        • NOTE: The actual power adapter is NOT included.
        • Covers the sensitive area where the charging cable meets the charging plug to preventing the charging cable from easily bending. By using TUDIA Klip, the risk of fraying and breaking reduces by 80%
        • Available in 5 different colors: Grey, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green. The colorful end pieces make your cable stand out and easier to find
        • Compatible only with the original Apple MagSafe 2 Power Adapter (for MacBook Pro with Retina display). NOTE: The actual power adapter is NOT included.
        • For 2 colors combo pack, you will receive 4 pieces total. 2 pcs for each of the color.

      Without protection from wear and tear, many experience the inconvenience of having their charging cable break in less than 6 months of use. Once broken, it is not long until the cable is no longer capable of recharging. Never experience the disappointment of a unreliable or worn our charging cable again! TUDIA Klip works to stop strain, before wires become exposed and the cable stops working. The Klip allows you to invest in preserving your original charging cable and saves you money in the long term. Rather than buying a new cable, the Klip allows you to preserve your original Apple MagSafe2 cable for only a quarter of the price. The Klip snaps on to your charging cable in seconds. Frustration free, the simple two-piece design locks in so the Klip stays on tight. Despite its small size, the KLIP makes a big impact extending the durability and life of your charging cable. KLIP keeps your cable functioning longer; helping you, stay connected and fully charged.


      Blue & Gray TD-MCMIX1-4P (EAN: 4712918520223)

      Pink & Blue TD-MCMIX2-4P (EAN: 4712918520230)

      Pink & Yellow TD-MCMIX3-4P (EAN: 4712918520247)

      Blue & Green TD-MCMIX4-4P (EAN: 4712918520254)

      Gray & Green TD-MCMIX5-4P (EAN: 4712918520261)